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Hi, thanks for visiting. My name is Bobby Udoh and I am a Nation-building Evangelist, Blogger, Growth Mindset Enthusiast and Author of the book ‘Nation-building: How to build and sustain a developed Nigeria’.


Who can this website help?

This website was created to help those citizens with a deep desire for change become equipped for nation-building and grow as nation-builders, so they can build the developed Nigeria they desire.

We achieve this through simple but innovative thinking articles, videos, podcasts, etc. from me and other nation-builders. These content will equip you with the right mindset and nation-building core values, help you identify your area of greatest pain or passion and help you build Nigeria through that area.

If you want to participate in building a developed Nigeria and enjoy the support of an action-based nation-building community, subscribe to this website and join the community.

What do we cover on this website?

Our core focus is to create a new culture needed by citizens to build a new Nigeria. Therefore, our activities are aimed at commencing and sustaining the transformation of mindset and the infusion of the nation-building core values.

Over 120 articles featured on this website touch on topics such as:

  • Mindset
  • Values
  • Implementing Nation-building
  • Understanding Democracy
  • Volunteering

We believe that only a critical mass of citizens with the right mindset, core values, a good understanding of nation-building and democratic opportunities, with a learning culture will deliver the Nigeria of our dreams.

Why this website?

Whilst there are a lot of content on every other key topic out there (finance, marriage, entrepreneurship, faith, leadership, health, education, etc.), there is a dearth of resources for those who want to participate in building the Nigeria of their dreams. Also, there is so much talk about change but so few have the culture (not necessarily, the capacity) to lead it.

This website is focused on building a developed Nigeria by providing the much needed content to equip citizens with right to culture for true and lasting human and infrastructural development.

Want to know more about me?

IMG_0436 IMG_0294

I was born in the UK to parents from Eket Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State. My father was one of the set of Nigerians excited about the future of Nigeria during the oil boom of the early 70s and as a result, he left a well-paid job in the UK to return to Nigeria and participate in the building of a great Nigeria. We all returned with him and that meant, I had my primary, secondary and tertiary education in Nigeria.

Fed up with the state of the nation in the early 90s, I ran back to my country of birth (UK) where I enjoyed a successful sales career. Deeply troubled by the continuous decline of my home country and being a victim in numerous ways, I responded to a personal calling to evangelise the nation-building message and in so doing, lead more citizens to shift mindset from self-focus to nation-focus. As a response and like my father before me, I left a well-paid job to return to Nigeria for this ‘missionary’ work.

Professionally, my last employment history was in the UK Conference Sales Management where I worked for 13 years, with the last 5 years as Commercial Director with Clarion Events, the largest Conference & Exhibition Company in the UK. In that time, I played a key role in using conferencing as a tool to move concepts from the drawing board to a global adoption. Some of such concepts include Digital Asset Management (DAM), Mobile Money Transfer (MMT) and Small Cells.

I do this work full time because like my father I really do believe in Nigeria and her citizen’s ability to transform her potential into wealth and development for the nation. Unlike my father’s generation, I will not leave governance and the development I seek solely in the hands of those in political leadership.

So, through this website, speaking engagements, publications and in-house events, I am fully committed to work with citizens like you to study, practice, teach and inspire nation-building in Nigeria. In doing this, we will certainly deliver a better Nigeria to the coming generation. COME ON BOARD AND SUBSCRIBE TODAY.

How can we connect?

Naation-building requires a lot of collaborations, interactions of like-minds, feedbacks, support and encouragement.

Here are the best ways to connect with me.

  • Blog Comments – Comments on the weekly blog post or other activities are valued and greatly appreciated. I endeavour to response to all comments so be encouraged to share your feedback.
  • Email – For speaking invitations, meetings, etc., do email me at bobby@thecascadeinitiative.org.
  • Twitter – Follow me @bobbyudoh then send me @mention or reply.
  • Facebook – I will personally respond to your comments and mentions on my Facebook Page.  Like ‘Bobby Udoh – Public Page’ and let’s connect.


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  1. Masamba Masanga
    Masamba Masanga at |

    You come across as extremely sincere, someone who is genuinely concerned about the plight of so-called Nigerians today and our prospects as a nation.

    Would you (or anyone else reading this) be willing to take part in an online radio project to educate young people in Nigeria? If so, please get in touch to find out more.



    Sir it is a good thing this nation at this present time do have people who still believes in a new NIGERIA but then sir,God the creator of all HIS saying something concerning this nation…i love it when you included faith as one of the foundations of building…God is saying something

    1. Professione
      Professione at |

      nothing good comes on a platter of gold, you eiehtr demand it or take it by force! these people wont listen they are not deaf, they are just clueless, grossly incapable of thinking about let alone effecting the desired change.we need to get up and stand up for our rights

  3. tayo agunbiade
    tayo agunbiade at |

    I’ve read two of your latest articles and have taken the liberty to reproduce on the opinion pages of the Nigerian Compass newspapers in my capacity as Chairman of the Editorial Board and Editor, opinion pages. Thanks

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