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NATION-BUILDER OF THE MONTH: Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation

KIR Foundation

What is the organization about?

Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation is a non-profit organisation that initiates and maintains innovative programmes with the goal of inspiring change through learning.

Why was it created?

To transform the lives the deprived and marginalized groups of the society which include orphans and vulnerable children, youths, persons living with disabilities, prisoners and women in our communities.

What are her core programmes?

Her programmes are focused on three core areas of education, capacity building and advocacy.

Education: We donate books, establish book clubs and organize after-school academic classes. We also provide transformational learning experiences for personal development in the shape of values, skills/knowledge and opportunities to practice. We provide a robust vocational curriculum that equips our beneficiaries especially those with disabilities with skills for wealth creation and self-reliance.

Capacity Building: We build the capacity of our beneficiaries through a leadership module that empowers them to take responsibility for themselves, become socially responsible by changing their mindsets towards global citizenship and service, thus enabling them to become positive influencers in their society. We also provide opportunities for coaching and mentorship.

Through our entrepreneurship workshops we create avenues for empowerment by helping our beneficiaries unlock their potentials, recognize their talents, seize opportunities and become self-reliant.

Advocacy: We promote the rights of all our beneficiaries through advocacy campaigns and engage with stakeholders to incorporate inclusiveness in all developmental issues.

Impact so far

Book Drive: So far, we have donated over 10,000 books to orphanages, care homes, centres and clubs for vulnerable children, public schools, in-and-out-of-school youths and prisoners.

Skills for Life: We have provided skills for over 4,000 young people especially in public and private schools, out-of-school youths, prisoners, clubs and rehabilitation centres. We have also carried out computer training for persons living with disabilities, taught effective communication skills for the hearing impaired (deaf) youths, and carried out entrepreneurship training for students of special needs school.

After School Projects: We’ve worked with over 800 students from poor backgrounds, preparing them for national certification examinations.We pay teachers who give them extra lessons in core subjects such as Mathematics and English as we seek to increase their chance of passing examinations into tertiary institutions, and to instil self-confidence and right values in them.

Vocational Training: We’ve trained many youths and persons living with disabilities in wire work jewellery making, shoe and bag making at our Resource Centre.

Visit www.kirfoundation.orgfor more details about KIR Foundation.


Innovative programmes for youths: In the Niger Delta region, the youths struggled to see the value in developing themselves when they can make money as militants or as political thugs. KIR Foundation is actively involved in shifting that mindset through their programmes at various schools.

At their Resource Centre, they hold their weekly ‘Thank God It’s Inspiration Friday’ (TGIIF) and this has been a great platform to raise leaders committed to lifelong learning and community service.

Innovative programmes for special needs youths: KIR Foundation, through advocacy and their programmes, is doing a lot to ensure inclusive education for special needs students and to equip out-of-school special needs youths with various skills to give them a fair chance in a harsh environment.

Taking book reading to the less privileged: It is so rare to find an organisation in the Niger Delta region that is taking books into schools, correction centres, prisons, special needs schools and various communities. Through these efforts, a reading culture is being inculcated by those youths who can’t afford a book, are not interested in reading nor know how to read.

This organisation could do with more support to enable them make more impact. So, I recommend you contact them at to see how you can participate in their nation-building initiative.

To the amazing team at Keeping It Real (KIR) Foundation, you are the Nation-builder for the Month of October.

Keep building.


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