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The Nigerian Youths (the 20-35 years old) are the most critical generation in our effort to build a developed Nigeria. As result, most of my nation-building evangelism work is targeted at this key group.

We have launched a campaign to get a FREE copy of the Youth Edition of the Nation-building book into the hands of 50,000 Nigerian Youths over the next 5 years with training and regular follow-up. We believe that through this campaign, we will convert, equip and send out a critical mass of Youths who will actively participate in the building of a developed Nigeria in all critical sectors of our country.

We are targetting:

– Youth Ministries in churches

– Universities (Public and Private)

– National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Orientation Camps

– Youth camp meetings


– Individuals can support this campaign by buying copies of the book to be given out to the youths for free

– Corporate organisations can support this campaign into the universities and NYSC Camps where the free copy of the book will be given out and a training provided.

– Religious organisations can support this campaign by partnering with us to organise an in-house Youth Training programme where the free copy of the book will be given.

For a proposal and copy of the book, please call 0810 363 4220 or email –


Nation-building: How to build and sustain a developed Nigeria (YOUTH EDITION)
This is the most definitive book that will transform the mindset of the Nigerian Youth, infuse them with the nation-building core values and provide a solid guide on how to become one the builders of a developed Nigeria,

The book addresses:

  • What nation-building really means
  • Why we must build and why nation-building is key
  • The mindset required for nation-building
  • The core values that build and sustain a great nation
  • How to implement nation-building in and through our lives
  • The nation-building real life success stories

Invest in the content that will enable a critical mass of our youths give their lives to the task of building the Nigeria of our dreams.

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