Nation-builder for the Month of August

NATION-BUILDER OF THE MONTH: Cornerstone Leadership Inspiration and Transformation Foundation

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What is the organization about?

Cornerstone Leadership Inspiration and Transformation Foundation aka Lead Inspire Transform (LIT) is a non-governmental social enterprise with a mission to raise and inspire leaders to influence and build better societies.

Why was it created?

LIT was created out of the passion to build a better society through leadership development by training and mentorship, and creating a platform for young people to express leadership through volunteering.

What are her core programmes?

Their programmes are focused on six core areas of personal development: these are leadership and character development, career development, Entrepreneurship, civility, advocacy and volunteering.

  • Action4Change Project
  • Young leaders programme (Club LIT)
  • Hands-On Nigeria Project
  • Youth Symposium
  • Young Entrepreneurs in Agric Programme

Impact so far

  • LIT has undertaken four community-based Action4Change projects in Cross River State and 1 in Rivers State. These are 2 school painting projects, a landscaping project and a tree planting project. Videos from each of these projects can be found at
  • LIT has renovated two rundown classrooms at Government Primary School, Obufa Esuk under their Action4Change Project.
  • LIT is also partnering with the Cross River State Ministry of Agriculture to host its first Young Entrepreneurs in Agric programme.
  • LIT has trained over 400 youths on Business and Entrepreneurship in 2013.
  • LIT organized seminars in public secondary schools and has educated over 700 young people on leadership, community service and volunteerism, and choosing a career in 2014 under its Young Leaders programme (Club LIT) in Cross River State.
  • LIT has raised over 300 Volunteers to work on the various community-based projects and organized a Volunteer Awareness & Award event to recognize 10 outstanding volunteers in Calabar in 2013.
  • An enlightenment seminar with a talk on “Becoming a Person of Value” was also conducted under the Youth Symposium programme. In attendance were over 50 final year university students and job applicants.

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There are many organizations working to raise and inspire leaders for nation-building but Lead Inspire Transform (LIT) does it with a difference. For example, their Action4Change projects are labour intensive but it is all by the direct labour of their well trained volunteers. These volunteers come away with new skills which they can apply in their lives and homes.

Realising how important volunteers are for the successful execution of their programmes, Lead Inspire Transform (LIT) invests a lot of resources into raising the profile of volunteering. They train volunteers and then provide them with tools to practise what they have learnt.

They also organize events like Volunteer Awareness & Award to recognize outstanding volunteers, celebrate other volunteers and inspire others to undertake volunteering.

We are persuaded Lead Inspire Transform (LIT) will continue to create innovative programmes and more importantly, execute them with great impact for nation-building because of their extensive work being undertaken to recruit more citizens into a volunteer lifestyle and to ensure they grow in their skills as volunteers.

To the amazing team at Lead Inspire Transform (LIT), you are the Nation-builder for the Month of August.

Keep building.


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