BudgIT was conceptualized and hacked at the Tech-In-Governance, a 48-hour hackathon organized by Co-Creation Hub in March 2011. The platform finally launched on September, 13 2011 with a website that makes Nigerian budget more transparent, accessible and understandable for Nigerians.

BudgIT believes citizens in a clear, timely and transparent manner need to know how government revenues are expended in delivery of public infrastructure, meeting debt obligations or funding the recurrent component of the budget.

The availability of budgets in non-readable pdf formats via the government website provided an initial opportunity for BudgIT to stretch forward its innovative idea by simplifying the budgets using infographics and interactive applications.

BudgIT strategy is to map the array of tools – desktop web, mobile web, sms, apps, infographics, interactive applications, print, radio, television, games and community groups – for every specific access class. The continuous core effort of BudgIT is how to creatively apply each tool relative to a budget access class for clearer understanding of the process, appreciation of relevant data and most especially amplify the collective voices to demand institutional reform.

BudgIT with over 112,000 unique users and over 4 million web hits makes the Nigerian budget a social object that can be understood by Nigerians across every literacy span.

BudgIT has been honoured with several awards which include 2012 Ashoka fellowship, World Summit Youth Award, 2012 Future Awards (Innovation in Science and Technological category) and Nigeria Internet Group Prize for Social Entrepreneurship.

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Since 1999, we have been in a democratic dispensation and that means the government operates with the mandate of the people. The mandate means we have delegated to them the power to act on our behalf but also means they must render regular account to us on how they manage our resources.

BudgIT has been in the forefront of equipping citizens with the information we need to ensure effective accountability from our government at Federal, State and Local governments and never in the history of our nation have we had detailed information on government budget in simple to understand format.

BudgIT initiative is a very critical tool for nation-builders, and it also enables more citizens participate in nation-building.

To the amazing team at BudgIT, you are the Nation-builder for the Month of July.

Keep building

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