Nation-builder for the Month of September


What is the organization about? is a platform dedicated to advancing the aspirations of young people who intend to make a difference in the political landscape in Nigeria. We are simply advocates for the putting in place competent young people in government with exemplary vision and ability to contribute to the transformation of Nigeria.

Why was it created?

We believe that in the cause for building a greater Nigeria, the youth have a very important role to play which goes beyond voting in the election of political office holders but also in vying for elective positions.

Over the years, youths have shown via their commentaries on social media, capacity demonstrated in the private sector and even roles within government that they possess the ability to be good leaders and agents of positive change and impact in Nigeria.

It has not always been the case where young people have not been involved in governance as it is right now in Nigeria. One has to look at instances of Yakubu Gowon who was 32 years old as Head of State in wartime Nigeria. Our history abounds with several other examples. It’s however a dire situation in a time like this where the youth form over 70% of the voting population and account for less than 5% of the political office holders.

This has to change and it can only happen by removing the apathy of youth towards engagement with the political process in Nigeria. The youth are ready to vote and to be voted for in 2015 and that is why was created.

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Firstly, since the launch of the platform, there has been a surge in the number of citizens venturing to politics as aspirants and as volunteers. This initiative provides a platform for citizens without prior political experience but with a heart for service to the nation, to participate in our political sector.

Secondly, the platform addresses a key concern for many citizens about our political sector by providing a support network amongst the aspirants, removing the need to depend on our age-long culture of working through godfathers. This community shares contacts, expertise, strategy, encouragement and even serves as a pressure group within the political party.

Thirdly, not content with providing a support community, this initiative organises training for the aspirants in her network. The quality training received from top trainers from advanced democracies has helped to equip the aspirants with sufficient knowledge on how to prepare for the electoral process and deliver dividends of democracy when elected. This has been lacking in our young democracy.

Lastly, the initiative provides a key platform for citizens who want to support aspirants but don’t know who to support and how to go about it. In my interactions with several credible citizens seeking to serve in the political sector, the lack of a critical mass of citizens actively supporting their campaign has been their biggest challenge.

Much as we seek more credible citizens in political offices, of equal need is for more and more citizens to support these aspirants in the planning and execution of their campaign. I use this opportunity to urge citizens to go, see which aspirant or aspirants you can provide support for to ensure the success of their campaign, and register as a volunteer. We do not only need credible elections but also credible candidates to ensure we have better candidates to choose from on Election Day.

To the initiators of and all the aspirants on that platform, you are the Nation-builder for the Month of September.

Keep building.


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