Olaboludele Simoyan (better known as “THE 8TH WONDER!!!”) is an architecture graduate of the only cosmopolitan university in Nigeria – University of Lagos. She graduated in 1988 and has three degrees to her credit – two of which are higher degrees.

Simoyan is the author of the inspirational and thought provoking two-in-one book on nation building with titles “THE 8TH WONDER of the world – Made in Nigeria” and “THE 8TH WONDER of the world – Made in Naiga”.

Simoyan’s vision is to build Nigeria into THE 8TH WONDER of the world on or before the year 2020. This 8TH WONDER will be the GREAT NEW NIGERIA! Her goal is to produce millions of NEW NIGERIANS (through a revolution of the mind) who will in turn build a GREAT NEW NIGERIA that will be the ENVY of NATIONS, A WONDER to BEHOLD which will be the world’s greatest attraction – THE 8TH WONDER of the world Made in NIGERIA!

Olaboludele is the initiator of the unique I DARE BELIEVE campaign and below are her answers about the campaign.

What is this campaign about?

OS: The ‘I DARE BELIEVE’ campaign is about daring to believe that the impossible is possible. It is about dreaming BIG BIG BIG dreams and achieving great things as Nigerians. The first big dream in the campaign is to Bring Home the 2014 FIFA World Cup by INSPIRING the SUPER EAGLES.  This is one of the dreams I have in my two-in-one book which can be downloaded for FREE at

Why are you undertaking this?

OS: As a people we have stopped dreaming. We have dug ourselves into a pit of mess! And we are still digging. In order for us to get out of the pit of mess, we as a nation must look up and see the stars. We must look up and see the sky. We must look up and start dreaming again – dreaming BIG DREAMS.

How do you execute the campaign?

OS: I and some members of the I DARE BELIEVE group are inspiring  the SUPER EAGLES through a series of activities such as Victory Walks (we have done 3 walks), Bring Home the World Cup Hairstyles (I have done 75 Football Hairstyles), Prayer Bus Rides (I have prayed for the SUPER EAGLES in over 75 buses in Lagos) and the I DARE BELIEVE bus stop campaigns where we talk to fellow Nigerians at different bus stops in Lagos about our dream and believe that the SUPER EAGLES will bring home the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP.

For more details (information, pictures, etc.) join the I DARE BELIEVE page on Facebook or follow me (Olaboludele Simoyan) on Facebook.


Olaboludele is an ordinary Nigerian who has committed her life fully to inspire Nigerians to believe in our nation again and fight for her development. She does only evangelise her message through speaking but through living out a rea life example.

Despite the lack of financial resources, she has pushed through with her I DARE BELIEVE campaign. This middle aged woman has trekked miles, spent hours on buses and bus stops, spend weeks sitting down to create 75 football hairstyles and she has done most of these myself.

This level of commitment, dedication and tenacity will definitely inspire the SUPER EAGLES and many Nigerians to arise and commit their lives towards the building of a developed Nigeria.

Olaboludele Simoyan, you are the Nation-builder for the Month of June.

Keep building the 8TH WONDER!


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