Nigeria: The 8th Wonder of the World

Last week, I came into contact with a fellow nation-builder Olaboludele Simoyan and I was excited for a few reasons.

Firstly, in the midst of so much bad news in our nation and the continuous display of lawlessness by us the citizens, it is great to meet another citizen working hard to get Nigeria to her rightful place.

Secondly, though we are in significant minority, the increasing number of those who believe in a united and developed Nigeria reaffirms my belief that we will build a developed Nigeria in one generation.

Thirdly, when a subject matter, initiative or movement begins to gain momentum, one of the signs is the growing number of literature in that area. Not only are there a growing number of books on building a developed Nigeria, many of these have been initiated & funded by individuals rather than government.

Olaboludele has added to the line-up of study materials for nation-building with her two excellent books titled “THE 8TH WONDER of the world- Made in NIGERIA” and “THE 8TH WONDER of the world – Made in Naiga”. These books instruct us on how we can take Nigeria to the promised land of GREATNESS.

But they also give us a vision of what its like to live in that developed Nigeria. To commit to nation-building and be sustained on the journey on the long term, we must have a vision of what our destination is.

Olaboludele has made these two books FREE to download from her website. Please visit to download your copies and evangelise nation-building by encouraging citizens in your circle of influence to download their copies.

The author is fully persuaded that Nigeria will be THE 8TH WONDER of the world and so am I. Read your free copies to find out why & how and more importantly, join the small but growing army of nation-builders.

Nation-building, as I have stated in the past happens mostly outside of government. It is the sacrificial work of a critical mass of citizens who identify, strategize and implement solutions that will address our national challenges leading to the delivering to the coming generations, a better Nigeria than the one handed down to us.

Truth be told, we would have no better legacy whilst we sojourn on this earth. The question then is, with a growing number of citizens committed to nation-building and with a growing number of study materials available to equip us for the task, what is stopping you from becoming a nation-builder?

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