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Nigerians, we can do better than Complain

Time and time again, we witness serious complains from citizens when government shows total disregard for the law and feelings of the people. The recent cases includes the presidential pardon granted citizens who are caught, charged and jailed for corruption, and the using of state funds to give out a brand new Prado jeep & sponsor 20 ‘delegates’ to the white wedding, as wedding present for music star Tuface Idibia and his beautiful wife Annie.

As is my practice, I am not focused on the government because that will not change anything. I am focused on the people who have the power to change the process or system to ensure we have better governance in all sectors. So, I tell myself and through this note, tell us that we can do better than complain.

What then must we do other than complain or better put, what else can we do in addition to complaining?

Care about Nigeria: The more I research into nation-building, the more it becomes clear that professed love for Nigeria by many Nigerians is largely due to the fact that we love the lawlessness (we get away with the unlawful without being punished), the quick money making enterprises that abound, the lack of strong & high taxation regime, the strong begging culture that gives leeway we don’t deserve, the man know man approach to do things, etc.

What has been lacking has been a love and care for the development of Nigeria. When we care about Nigeria, we open ourselves to the values of responsibility for her development and compassion for her people (including the corruption leaders). With these and other core values, we will complain less and turn more bad news into motivation to do more & quickly, to build a better nation.

To have a genuine love for Nigeria is the critical foundation without which nothing can be achieved. If Nigeria is to love and care for her people, then the people who make up Nigeria must first love and care for her.

Mindset Transformation: It is a well-known fact that we can’t keep doing the same thing every time and expect a different result. Generations have become expert in complaining and this have long become a mindset.

This includes the destination mindset that does not care about what happens to Nigeria as long as we arrive at destination (acquire exotic cars, build mansions, send children to schools abroad, own titles, etc.), therefore no long term approach to personal & national issues; the leisure mindset that would invest more time in leisure activities rather than in research work to develop solutions; the entitlement mindset that says that we don’t care about Nigeria but this country owes us; and the problem focused mindset that looks at every problem as a caused by others and must be sorted out by them, instead of seeing these are opportunities to generate & deliver solutions that will grant us fulfilment and financial returns.

We must undergo a mindset transformation to create capacity for innovative thinking and credible lifestyle.

Get involved: The ultimate is for us to get involved in nation-building and that means, committing our thoughts, words and actions towards the building of a developed Nigeria. We certainly must not all do the same thing because for true development to occur, a diverse range of sectors requires development – health & social care, education, agriculture, transportation, science & technology (including space technology), sports, tourism, energy (including new sources of fuel), commerce & industry, politics, family, etc.

There are many sectors or subsectors that are yet in existence but exist in the minds of Nigerians. We must commit these to action that will lead to the development of Nigeria

In summary, we must make a choice to care about Nigeria (yes, it is a choice to make) and this will open our minds to transformation that will then compel us to get involved. We can build a developed Nigeria in our lifetime if a critical mass of Nigerians gets involved in nation-building.

So the question is, will you remain complaining or will you get involved?

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