Let this government and her supporters not think we evaluate her performance based on previous ones. Rather, we based it on our current needs and the promises they made when campaigning.

Secondly, let it be clear whether it is PDP or APC in power, we the people will still criticise government for her failings. The criticism is not because the people in power come from a certain region or belong to a certain religious group. It is simply a focus on what we the owners of the power they hold desire.

Thirdly, we may have been under average governments before now but it does not mean our expectation will be average of this current government.

Finally, as year passes, our population is said to be growing at 3-5% on average. That means, thousands more secondary school leavers and graduates become unemployed, thousand more cars appear on our roads, thousand more citizens become old with no safety nets, thousands more children enrol into substandard schools or avoid it completely, etc.

The point is, our problems are multiplying at an alarming rate and so we have little patience to commit to celebrate average achievements when we desperately need innovative solutions leading to multiple impacts delivered by courageous leadership with sufficient level of discipline.

The task is overwhelming and urgent. Therefore, we need more Nigerians to commit to participate in nation-building to build the Nigeria we all desire.

Get involved in that area that pains you most – politics, science, technology, education, healthcare, sports, commerce & industry, agriculture, etc., and help build a developed Nigeria through that sector.

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