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Time to Pray for the North-East

People of faith, please take the Boko Haram crisis to your prayer closet. We can no longer rely on a short prayers we pray in our churches or mosque (if we pray for Nigeria at all).

It is time we stop blaming the government, the opposition and Islam, so that we can focus solely on the violence being committed by this terrorist group.

It is our fellow citizens being killed in their hundreds and thousands more have been chased away from their homes.

People of faith, we must gain compassionate for the sufferings of fellow citizens. We cannot afford to make this a ‘regular’ and therefore become complacent.

Some may say we pray too much but I say, we have yet to start focused prayers. Now is the time to focus prayers on our nation and less on ourselves because no matter the blessings we receive in our lives, we and our families and friends cannot be exempted from the current state of insecurity.

My heart bleeds for our people in the North-East and so we speak

PEACE to Borno
PEACE to Adamawa
PEACE to Yobe

We mourn with you in your time of distress and will support with our prayers and with our substance.

Heal our land our God.

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